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About Us

DS.Gingsen is a professional organization consisting of Ginseng experts. We specialize in providing information about Ginseng on social networking platforms as well as reputable products from Ginseng that have been inspected by the Department of Health.

DS name. Gingsen is separated from the two concepts “Pharmacist” and the driver “Gingsen” in the botanical nomenclature of Korean Ginseng,  Panax Ginseng – this is a symbol of the Panax genus found first in Korea with many proven uses based on traditional and modern medical evidence over many generations. Currently, many different types of Ginseng of the Ginseng genus have been found, but Panax Ginseng is still a monument that is difficult to replace and it also affects the new naming of many later types of Ginseng.

Why use “Pharmacist” in the channel name? The channel was founded by professional pharmacists and "pharmacists" for the DS.Gingsen team is not only an expert in the medical field as well as the Ginseng field, but also a supplier of specialized products. The quality of Ginseng meets current circulating standards.

DS. Gingsen was officially established on (…/…/…) by MSc. DS. Tran Thi Hong Hai and DS. Pham Duy Tu Anh. The orientation channel will bring together many experts including:

Medical Advisory Board: Doctors and doctors of Eastern and Western medicine belonging to a non-profit organization are responsible for reviewing and approving information before being published, information related to the field of Eastern and Western medicine. combined as well as information about medicinal herbs belonging to the genus Ginseng.
Science Committee: Includes young domestic and foreign scientists, students majoring in Pharmacy and Biotechnology, responsible for writing articles, editing and collecting audience feedback.
Communications Department: Includes a number of IT specialists, designers, marketers as well as domestic and foreign communications departments.
Product suppliers: Includes reputable suppliers who have been approved by the DS team management board. Gingsen carefully evaluates and reviews before providing product information to readers with the following criteria:

* The supplier must meet all necessary documents in terms of product testing standards provided by the Department of Health or reputable foreign organizations, product research information and written testing stages. .

* The supplier must have all legal documents allowed to circulate the product by the Department of Health. For all issues related to legality and product quality, the supplier must commit to taking full responsibility without any involvement. What does it have to do with the DS team? Gingsen.

DS's goal. Ginseng:
Build a knowledge base about Ginseng species in an objective, scientific, reliable and complete way that anyone can look up.
All articles are thoroughly researched by the editor before writing, with full sources for readers to refer to.
Committed to honestly providing reputable quality products as well as achieving domestic and foreign health safety testing standards. Helping consumers have a safe place to shop and consume health and beauty products without worrying about consumption accidents that may occur in the future.

We also want to create a community interested in health trends in general, knowledge about ginseng species in particular, as well as meet customer needs through social platforms and complementary product offerings. .

(Fanpage: Pharmacist Gingsen)

Mission of DS. Gingsen

Raise community awareness and understanding of health issues as well as official information about currently circulating Ginseng species.

Reduce the risk of death due to misuse of Ginseng species as well as improve knowledge on how to use them scientifically accurately and reliably.

Article copyright

All articles on DS's website and social networking sites. Gingsen are all owned by DS. Gingsen. Organizations and individuals have the right to circulate, copy and use articles if and only for non-profit and educational purposes under the following conditions:

Copies are distributed free of charge.
Authors and sources are acknowledged, named clearly, and fully linked.
As for large organizations, please notify and link your website or social network to DS and Gingsen before circulating, copying or using our articles.

Any commercial use must be approved by DS. Gingsen and without exception. All violations will be handled according to Decree 76/CP dated November 29, 1996 on copyright and Vietnam Intellectual Property Law No. 50/2005/QH11 dated December 21, 2005.

We very much welcome everyone to share this useful information with the community, because the more we understand, the more we can reduce the risk of using medicinal products with floating origins like today. now. However, please either share directly from the page, or post with the source (including the writer's full name and fanpage). For two good reasons:

A.    As researchers, the information we provide is researched, filtered, and takes a lot of brainpower and investment of time. Therefore, the extraction